Sunday, March 30, 2014


One of the many things that differentiates Tesla is the way it is marketed and presented. None of my previous car purchases were wrapped like this!
I have been interested in electric cars since I started work at SFU in 1999. I wrote about them ten years later when the City was proposing new requirements for charging facilities in parking garages and I found myself in disagreement with the UDI position.  The next year I visited EXPO2010 in Shanghai and subsequently wrote about electric cars and my lifetime fascination with an odd assortment of cars.

Last year I read that Tesla was arranging test drives in Vancouver. I booked an appointment one Saturday afternoon and was very impressed with the car. However, it was expensive and I worried whether the company would stay in business. Well it has.

Over the Christmas break we went to Los Angeles and saw a number of Teslas on the road. This reignited my interest and we visited a Tesla showroom in the Newport Beach Fashion Mall. I was sold, and as soon as we returned to Vancouver we visited the interim Tesla showroom/garage at 1712 Powell and ordered a car. I was advised I would take delivery on March 24 at 2pm.

So on Monday Sally and I drove to shop and picked up my new car. While I admit it's an indulgence, unlike many people, I tend to keep my cars a long time. This will only be my fourth car in the last 25 years!  
When we went to pick up the car there were quite a few on the lot waiting to be picked up. But there were none on display at the Vancouver Auto Show. Tesla doesn't do auto shows!