Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I think this is awful~the False Creek North Shore walkway

I was interested in the recent discussion regarding an extension of Vancouver's waterfront walkway system along the Point Grey waterfront. I think the Park Board was wise in deferring the matter since as evidenced by these photos taken of the original North Shore False Creek walkway, the city either doesn't have the money, or the inclination to maintain what we already have.  And please don't tell me this is being done in the name of sustainability!

I realize this many not be an isolated example. But it is an eyesore and I'm told the merchants and residents in the area have repeatedly asked the Park Board to undertake some basic maintenance to keep the area tidy, to no avail. So let's hope the Park Board staff do the right thing and arrange for the area to be weeded and tidied up. I refuse to believe they can't find find some solution to the problem.

But in case there isn't enough creativity amongst Park Board Commissioners and Staff, may I suggest two ideas.  Organize a program like that seen along US highways where certain businesses or organizations 'adopt' a stretch of the road and keep it tidy, with appropriate recognition.  Alternatively, organize some volunteer days when residents are encouraged to come out with their gardening implements and do some weeding and cleaning up. Reward them with coffee and donuts, or whatever!

We should all be ashamed of this co

The view over Greenland

While I have crossed the Atlantic dozens of times, for some reason, I have never looked out the window mid flight during the daytime....until this flight.  It turns out that I just happened to look down as we approached the coast of Greenland which, as you can see, was not very green. So for those of you who like me have never seen a portion of the Greenland coast, it looks something like this!

a few final images from Ireland

While it is always dangerous to generalize about the people of a nation, I found the Irish to be quite delightful.  I came across this lady at a craft fair in Carlingford and she seemed to embody the spirit of the local people.

I wrote earlier about the Ghost Estates of Ireland.  Here are a couple of 'ghost houses' which for whatever reason had their windows blocked off, although in the case of the blue house, there seems to have been some regret, so new windows were painted on!

I came across this mobile body shop and thought that it was a good idea.  Since we always exchange cars with our house exchanges, you never know when you might have to fix a few scratches.  I haven't seen this type of van in Vancouver, but it might be a good business opportunity for someone.  If you want to know how many cars get scratched, just look at parking garage walls and columns!

Speaking of cars, I thought this was a creative approach to encouraging people to not park illegally...after all, it's not often that we associate lawyers with charitable causes. :-)

Finally, one of the sad realities of Ireland is an economy that has a long road to recovery.  This is very evident in the multitude of 'for let' and 'for sale' signs one finds throughout the country.  This photo is typical of what one sees in far too many villages, towns and cities in Southern Ireland, and to a lesser extent, in Northern Ireland.

However, we can all help a bit by taking a vacation there. There's so much to see; the country is quite affordable given the relatively low value of the euro compared to the Canadian dollar, and the golf is wonderful...especially when it's not raining too hard!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A cute response to the Olympics Security Debacle

Cruising down the Thames

If you are not planning a trip to London in the near future, or in case you plan to go but can't get through customs at Heathrow, here are some photos that I took last Friday morning during a cruise up and down the Thames. 

I always like to take a water cruise in any place I visit since it's a good way to see a town or city; especially one like London, which has some remarkable buildings and structures along the river, including many converted wharehouses and new condominium developments. 

I took these photos since I think some of the buidings are wonderful...but in the case of others, I could not help but think "what were they thinking". If you have the inclination, please share your thoughts as to which ones you think are good, very good, or awful.

Any Londoner will know these pictures are in no particular order, and yes, that triangular pointy thing is the Shard, the newest and tallest building in Europe.