Monday, February 7, 2011

More fascinating and comprehensive studies on rental housing in Vancouver

When I questioned some of the numbers used in his report, Dale McClanaghan sent me links to all the background studies commissioned by him and the city. I have only just started to go through them, but the first that I looked at, 2D by Coriolis is a minefield of information. Moreover, unless I am mistaken, it seems to conflict with the cost numbers used in the summary report. While I await clarification, here are the links to the various background reports. I'm sure these cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce, and it is great that the city has made them available for general use. Based on what I have seen so far, this information is a must read for anyone interested in rental housing in Vancouver and the region.

Study 1 Rental Housing Demand and Existing Supply (Downloadable PDFPDF, 1.41MB)
Study 2A Purpose-Built Rental Housing - Inventory and Risk Analysis (Downloadable PDFPDF, 2.91MB)
Study 2B Purpose-Built Rental Housing - Building Condition and Major Repair Requirements (Downloadable PDFPDF, 6.08MB)
Study 2C Purpose-Built Rental Housing - Investment Climate for Existing Stock (Downloadable PDFPDF, 1.41MB)
Study 2D Purpose-Built Rental Housing - Economics of New Supply (Downloadable PDFPDF, 1.18MB)
Study 3 The Role of Rented Condo Stock (Downloadable PDFPDF, 1.60MB)
Study 4 Secondary Suites (Downloadable PDFPDF, 2.43MB)

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