Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day

While I am looking forward to spending Father's Day with Claire and Georgia and their partners and children (well, actually just Harriet will be with us. The other is still 'on the way') I am also thinking about my dad Sam Geller. I wrote about him here and those who knew him can understand why I would still think of him so fondly on Father's Day.

My dad and I shared many things in common-an appreciation of good humour, the ideas of Edward de Bono, Stoic philosophy, and nice ties immediately come to mind. But there were also many differences. He wasn't very interested or concerned about material possessions. He didn't regularly check his investment accounts or care too much about the price of real estate. 

He also tended to see the positive in everything and everyone, rather than be as critical as I often am. As a result, I like to think that my sister Estelle Paget and I benefitted greatly from the years spent with my dad. I just hope my kids will feel the same way long after I am gone. Somehow, I think they will. 

Although they will be relieved not to have to hear the same old jokes and stories over and over again. Happy Father's Day to all those who were fortunate enough to have a good father, and those who didn't, but are trying to be good fathers to their kids.



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