Saturday, October 24, 2009

Traffic Roundabouts: What are you supposed to do?

I am writing this post for my wife, who is heading off to England later today. I mention this since I first experienced traffic roundabouts in UK and became a fan of them. When we started the planning of UniverCity I proposed a roundabout at the entry to the community and other than a few minor mishaps, it has functioned well.

However, having just avoided a small collision at a new roundabout on Blenheim Street, I agree with my wife that the new roundabouts at many smaller Vancouver intersections, such as those on Vancouver's Westside are accidents waiting to happen because many drivers don't really know what to do!

In most roundabouts throughout the world, those in the roundabout have the way. However, in smaller roundabouts, it is often not clear whether someone is in the roundabout. Having watched traffic trying to navigate these intersections, it seems that many people assume that the right thing to do is to give way to those on the right. But is this what you are supposed to do?

I think the new landscaped roundabouts look terrific. However, I would love to know from ICBC and the Vancouver police whether there has been an increase in accidents since these small roundabouts have been created. And please let us know what a driver is supposed to do!


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