Monday, June 6, 2016

Aros Kuntsmuseum

Walking around the circular rainbow coloured walkway was a wonderful experience. Perhaps if the new Vancouver Art Gallery incorporated a similar installation there would be greater public support. (However, it might also have to get rid of the wood exterior and somewhat uninspired design as well.)

This gallery in the centre of town is housed in a 10 storey red brick building. However, it’s most impressive feature is a circular rainbow coloured walkway…an art installation by Olafur Eliasson, which results in one of the most captivating spaces I have ever been in. It also offers dramatic views of the city, through coloured glass.
Unfortunately, many of the exhibitions were just being installed when we were there, which seemed a bit odd, since most museums don't change so many exhibitions at the same time; but it didn't really matter since I very much enjoyed one of the current exhibitions by the Finnish artist Jani Leinonen called the School of Disobedience
Using a variety of media, it made some very compelling statements about the state of our society, through reproductions of popular branding as the medium. So Ronald McDonald has his head chopped off, or is crucified on the cross. Burger King becomes Hunger King with a very mocking exhibit about life in Hungary. Another display is comprised of framed cardboard signs created by homeless people and beggars from around the world.
From the museum website:  In another series of works, Leinonen uses increasingly recognisable elements such as popular slogans and brands, and he subjects mascots from global companies (e.g. Ronald McDonald) to kidnapping and beheading. Leinonen is formed by the ironic distance characterising the 90s. He is an activist acknowledging his own consumption. By making use of familiar visual expressions, Jani Leinonen is able to short-circuit the language of money. 
A banner we came across in the centre of town. The Danes seem to be quite fond of using English four-letter words. See the appliance store ad photographed in another blogpost!