Friday, May 13, 2016

Hollyburn Mews: 5 years after

It was 5 years ago that Hollyburn Mews went to Public Hearing and was narrowly approved by a 4-3 vote. Since then, it's been a happy place for the 9 households that live there.

In preparing for a presentation to Council on Vinson House Cottages, I've been reviewing some photos of the completed units. This is how they look when people actually live in them! I think they look quite good, but would welcome suggestions on what we should do differently this time around!
The coach house is about 1200 sf plus basement. It's small, but because there are lots of windows it works

The desk on the stair landing was designed out of necessity; there was no where else to put it, but it too works
Some people feel this is too much marble...the floor is marble too. What do you think?
We wanted the powder rooms to feel like they were built 100 years ago
This is the interior of the largest unit. About 1550 sf plus basement
While I know that many developers prefer not to look back at their projects, I must say I never tire of looking at most of mine....not all of them, there is one that's a bit of an embarrassment....but most of the others have turned out even better than expected!


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