Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goats in Trees and 19 other images from Morocco

Yes, we're in Africa
But that doesn't mean we can't go ice-skating at the new mall in Marrakech
Or go for a ride on a camel across the street
Bullshit! you say? An installation outside the Sofitel
No caption needed
I didn't knowingly eat any of this
Tangier is an impressive city with a major new port redevelopment underway
The spice merchants are everywhere. The one thing we didn't see for sale is hashish!
The Mamounia is a storied luxury hotel in Marrakech. It's definitely not third world
In Essaouira these horses and carts are not for tourists; they are how residents get around
Boat building in Essaouira
I wanted to buy this for Richard, but how to get it home
Boats were not out in Essaouira since it was Sunday
I could not help but wonder what Moroccans would think of the movie 'Birdman'
The ceiling in a museum
A billboard in downtown Marrakech
Red is the colour of Marrakech. Our hotel lobby
Of course it's not a palm tree. It's a cell tower
And yes, there really are goats who live in trees!

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