Friday, April 4, 2014

The cars of Kiev

While most people in Kiev do not own a car, many do. And not just any car. While I expected to see lots of Ladas, what I saw were a lot of Lexus 570's and large LandCruisers...and nearly always black, with tinted windows.
I assumed this one belonged to a hockey player!
There were of course other Mercedes, black Range Rovers, and black Jaguars. 
But I was interested to find this blue (a Jewish colour...the flag of Israel is blue) Bentley in front of one of the few remaining synagogues. For those not familiar with Jewish numerology, numbers are letters like in Chinese. The number 18 spells Chai, or life, which is why this Bentley owner paid some money or used some influence to get this license plate.
I also noticed that some people are starting to get their cars wrapped. While I haven't seen this in Vancouver, except for commercial purposes, the effects can be quite intriguing.
One thing that did surprise me is that I did not see any parking meters, but did see cars parked everywhere, including the middle of sidewalk.
I didn't bother to wait for the owner of this car parked near Independence Square to find out what he was up to~