Friday, April 4, 2014

Some signs around Kiev

Real estate development is happening although I noted that a number of projects had stalled. Some of the signs around town

It would appear that Kiev's Condo King brings flowers!

In a city that can feature very modern billboards and signage, this seemed quite out of place

One can only assume by the English signage that the Ukrainian Lottery Corporation is happy to sell tickets to foreigners!

I quite liked this automobile garage signage

Some of the political protest art is very good...and there was quite a bit around the city

One thing that I did like and would like to see in Vancouver is signage on buildings like this that lets you know about their historic relevance...who lived or died there, who designed the building and so on.

I enjoyed the irony of this sign "Ukrainian Cuisine of Soviet Time". Some would say Soviet Time is back!

I have no idea what this sign on the side of a truck is about. I'm hoping someone will let me know!

I included this just to let you know that every fashionable shop in the world can be found in Kiev. Indeed, there are some expensive European shops there that you can't even find in Vancouver!

Mafia is a restaurant chain that serves Italian food....and also sushi!

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