Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014 on the Queen Mary

While it didn't move, The Queen Mary was still a pretty site at night
While one of my dear friends thought it pathetic that I should want to spend New Year's Eve on a ship that was moored to land, in fact the NYE celebrations on the Queen Mary were most enjoyable. Not perfect, but enjoyable.

There is no doubt that the event had special meaning since I could explore parts of the ship as a VIP First Class passenger that I never got to see when I travelled from Southampton to New York with my parents in Tourist Class, or less!

The ship has been kept pretty much in its original condition and the party took place both inside and outside. While I'm not sure I would recommend to everyone that they rush down to Long Beach to celebrate NYE on the ship, if you do have a connection to it, then it is well worth the trip.
One suspects that most of the millwork was original, even if the carpet has been replaced!

A clever name for the tobacconist!
Parties were happening on the various decks, with access depending on which class ticket you purchased

There was a very broad range of guests on board, many with very high heels!
If you paid extra for a silver bracelet, you got to watch these silver dancers!
I can't remember whether I got to see this in 1952!
At New Year's Eve English baritone Jonathan Sells, who happened to be next to us at the front of the ship proposed to his very lovely Swiss girlfriend! We wished them well.

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mark lawrence said...

Really liking the New Year eve celebration. I went for a painting exhibition at one of the royal event venues in NYC last month. Venue was huge and mesmerizing. Cutlery was equally good. All the guests were given sufficient attention by the staff.