Sunday, June 30, 2013

A different view of Hamburg

Each day my wife and I buy a transit pass. It costs 10.40 euros (about $14) for an all-day pass for both of us, and permits unlimited travel on subway, local trains, buses and ferries...yes ferries, including one which offers a great harbour tour (no 62). A few photos from the boat, although at one point we had to go inside as surf washed over the deck onto my camera (that's why photos a bit blurry!)
The ferry boats come in all shapes and sizes.
I was surprised that they don't tie the ferries up when loading and unloading. Just raise and lower the gangplank

Lots of photos of the odd-looking building in the background in a future post
I read that Hamburg has the third busiest harbour in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp
one of many warehouse conversions along the harbourfront

someone will have to tell me what this building does, and why it looks like this!
from the water you see some of many beautiful homes around Hamburg. There's a lot of $ in this city

I know this very 'boxy' architecture is not for everyone, but I find it very elegant
This is an interesting tower in that from different angles it looks much less bulky. There's an idea here for Vcr
I was horrified to discover the old fischmarkt has now been converted into a large space for rock bands and drinking

another wobbly building for Daniel Fontaine, who is not a fan of wobbly buildings (nor am I, whether in Hamburg or Vcr)
The sun suddenly came out, so I had to take a photo of Sally who finally got to wear her sunglasses!
It's not the love boat, but it should be!

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