Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tragedy in Brisbane

On this, the one year anniversary on the Haiti earthquake, my thoughts are with the city of Brisbane. Above is a photo I took four years ago as my plane took off after four wonderful days in this sophisticated, urbane city. I just heard someone speaking from the city tell Rick Cluff of CBC's Early Edition that the water is up to the 14th floor of their 26th storey office building. Say this isn't so. It can't be true.

When I was there, the city was suffering through an incredible drought. Now it's flooding. What's next?

Note: I read in today's paper (January 13) that a waterfront restaurant called Drift is now literally adrift, as a portion broke away and is now being carried down the river. I can just hear some Aussies having a good chuckle about the sad irony of this happening. Aussies have a wonderful sense of humour, as evidenced by the latest footwear illustrated above!)