Friday, January 7, 2011

Monte Paulsen's Going Green in The Tyee

Monte Paulsen knows more about housing than most people I meet in the housing industry. A few years ago he focussed on housing affordability in a series for the Tyee. Now he's examing the costs and benefits of 'going green'.

Here are links to his first two columns. In a future posting, I will share some observations on what's he's written. But in the meanwhile, I would urge you to read what he has to say.

First installment:

Second installment:


David McPhee said...

Thanks Michael, great read look forward to the others. Of all the myths the first one has the most credibility for me. The three simple observations he makes were; spec’ed by ambitious politicians, the ppp was loosely supervised and this was done just in time to suffer the consequences of the realestate bubble. Rather than enabling affordability and ensuring public participation this paradigm ensured expense and isolation. The commercial and social future of this project was further compromised by the ideological intrusion of the current council. Ultimatley it will succeed but only if politicians stick to providing basic infastructure and broad brush policy matters like overall density and providing public amenities

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