Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reserved Parking: Mayor Derek Corrigan and Michael Geller

You just know there's a story here! I mean, what circumstances could possibly lead to the Mayor of Burnaby and me having reserved parking spaces side by side?

The occasion...the opening of Nat Bosa's Affinity project in Brentwood...we were both invited to speak at a special opening for realtors. Even though Bosa has been one of the most active developers in Burnaby, it turns out it was the very first time that Nat had met the Mayor.

It was most amusing watching the two of them together. It was the very first time I have ever seen the Mayor, of whom I'm very fond, struggle to get a word in edge-wise!


Anonymous said...

Along Scottsdale Road, I came across this motel which I thought noteworthy for its decorative concrete blocks. It's a very simple detail...but most effective.

"I'm wondering whether it might work might look terrific with some snow."

It's too bad that question wasn't asked before faceseal (EIFS) technology was adopted in BC, and the resultant leaky condos that will persist into the 2020's according to the McClanaghan Report done for the HPO.

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