Sunday, March 21, 2010

Images of Phoenix

Travelling around Phoenix earlier this month I came across some interesting sights. Here are a few images that I thought were worth documenting:Along Scottsdale Road, I came across this motel which I thought noteworthy for its decorative concrete blocks. It's a very simple detail...but most effective. I'm wondering whether it might work might look terrific with some snow.

I can't help but wonder how the architects managed to convince the client for this Waterworks Building to agree to this unusual, and probably expensive detail, which combines local rock with reinforcing bars. I was surprised to find a similar detail at Spaces, the new condominium project that I described in my earlier Vancouver Sun article.How can you not be intrigued by a city that names a major street after a major architect?I was surprised to see people holding signs at major intersections, until my friend Craig explained that signage bylaws prevent permanent signage!I didn't see a lot of Toyota Prius' but those I did see had special license plates...Along the highways...and there are a lot of highways, I was very impressed with the public art incorporated into the walls...this is much better than anything along our recently completed Sea to Sky highway.Just north of Scottsdale I visited the Boulders Golf Course, one of the top 100 courses in America. Why do they call it The Boulders?Had space permitted, I would have written about Optima Camel View Village in my Vancouver Sun story. This development, on Scottsdale Road, across from the Fashion Mall, includes some very attractive mid-rise apartments with large terraces, outdoor gardens and interesting panel details. Inside, the units featured very large kitchens with adjacent 'utility rooms' with washer/dryers, storage cupboards, and a large built-in freezer. This is a very attractive feature for most households moving out of a house. Far too many Vancouver developments forget that many households have shouldn't have to give them up when you move to a condominium apartment or townhouse.And finally, there are some very good steak houses in Phoenix, and I had an excellent steak with my friend David, but the best meal I had in Phoenix was this bar-b-q'd tuna prepared by Craig and Coralie. With a few Waddell-tini's (half gin, half vodka).

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