Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Greater Vancouver Homebuilders Association annual 'Legends of Housing' dinner January 31, 2018

   While few ever accuse me of being bashful or overly modest, I must say I was a bit embarrassed when I learned tonight's GVHBA event to which I agreed to participate many months ago is in fact its annual 'Legends of Housing' dinner.
     And while I am proud of my 5 decades in the housing industry, dating back to days at CMHC in the early 1970s, my accomplishments pale in comparison with those of tonight's fellow Legends Eric Carlson (whose Anthem Properties last year purchased two of the most expensive development sites in Metro Vancouver) and Rob Macdonald whose business and financial successes are such that he could afford to donate almost $ one million to the NPA for a past election.
     Anyone who has attended a UDI event when the outspoken Carlson and Macdonald have participated knows they are both very clever, witty, and extremely outspoken guys. For once, I'll be the quiet one in the corner.
    The moderator is Kirk LaPointe, no wallflower himself, who many would like to see run for mayor on the NPA ticket; so tonight could be a very interesting and entertaining and potentially politically-charged event.
     For the occasion, I'll be wearing the brand new  CKNW socks which Lynda Steele gave me when I recently participated in an on-air housing debate with Tom Davidoff on her show.  And who knows, if Davidoff's proposal to transform Canada's income tax and property tax systems is every realized, maybe one day he'll be a GVHBA legend!
     Some information about this event can be found on the UDI website which also features a photo of a UDI panel that includes some real legends: Joe Segal, Bob Lee, and Joe Housain.  (Bob Rennie is too young to be a legend, but he will be one day!)
     Thank you GVHBA for honouring me with this invitation. I'm very much looking forward to the evening.


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