Wednesday, June 21, 2017


One of the highlights of my stay in Vienna was a visit to the Hundertwasser House and Museum. My first exposure to Friedensreich Hundertwasser was in a gallery on the south shore of False Creek development.
I again saw his work in 2014 in les Carrieres de Lumiers in Baux-de-Province (a sound and light show within the limestone caves) along with the work of Klimt. Their works were projected on the walls, floor and ceiling of these limestone caves and it was spectacular.
     Hundertwasser really was a renaissance man who was ahead of his time. He was an architect, artist, ecologist, and much more. His life story is quite incredible. and so is his work.
     In Vienna we visited a museum of his work, where an exhibition by Byrtynsky also happened to be on display and an apartment complex which he designed, in a neighbourhood which is slowly transforming into Hundertwasser Village. Take some time to read about him, and enjoy his work.
     As I was leaving the store I came across these socks which seemed to be very much in his spirit!

A model of an imaginary village incorporating his ideas about integrating buildings with the environment.

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