Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fabulous Florence

After Florence, we're heading off to Vienna. Many have asked, don't we mean, we're heading off to Venice since Vienna is not in Italy. But we didn't get them mixed up. Sally was in Venice a few years ago, but has always wanted to go to Vienna. Unfortunately, she forgot we were in Vienna 40 years ago, but then again, she can often watch the same TV show or movie for 1/2 an hour before realizing she's already seen it!
     I don't have time to do Florence justice, but before posting Austrian photos, here's a small portion of my Florence photo album. (I'll add some more photos and informed commentary when I find the time.)
I know what she has in her left hand, but what's that in her right hand? Is it what I think it might be?

View from the Pitti Palace Gardens
I'm sure I'm not the only traveler troubled by the fact that so many Roman statues of men are missing an important element, so at the risk of using a word on the internet that I don't normally use, I did some research. You can find the results here

Yes, it's the Ponte Vecchio
How many tourists pay too much for a watch or necklace because they want to say they bought it on the Ponte Vecchio?
We didn't buy any jewelry, much too  overwhelming, but eventually I did break down and buy a belt. No, it's not one of these.
I love the idea of taking over a parking spot for a small outdoor seating area!
While it's hard not to keep looking up, it's also fascinating to look down in a city like Florence.
At this display of sculpture, it was announced there was a student's art project happening and we were invited to ask these young boys and girls to explain the various pieces to us. But I couldn't do it!

While we often talk (with some disgust) about how much Jack Poole or Chip Wilson spent on their house, it's quite insignificant compared to what the Medicis and other Italian families spent on their homes!
I first came to Florence in 1969 and it was one of my favourite European cities. As I was leaving this time, I took these shots and thought I really must try and come back. It's a truly marvelous city.
Anyone who has taken European trains understands the stress that comes when you are scheduled to leave in 10 minutes and yet the platform for your train hasn't been posted. Nor the destination!

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