Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sally's new winter boots with 'retractable' metal spikes.

This week, the streets and many sidewalks around Vancouver are solid ice. At a New Year's Day party, a neighbour showed me her new winter boots with built-in hinged metal spikes. She said she had just purchased them at Naot Shoes in Kerrisdale, which generally sells Israeli shoes. However, her boots were designed in Italy and made in the Czech Republic.

I thought they would be good for Sally who loves to walk, but has been worried about slipping and falling on the ice. So we went to the store and discovered they have a number of different shoe styles, with alternative hinge designs. They are a bit expensive ($190 to $240) and not perfect, (hard to switch when wearing), but seemed like a clever idea. It is hard to walk on tile with them, and you probably don't want to wear them on your wood floors. But here are some pictures, just in case you too are worried about slipping on the ice.
An alternative, and less expensive solution is these clip on spikes. ($55)