Friday, December 9, 2016

Vinson House Cottages:

I am pleased to report that we will start marketing the Vinson House Cottages development early in the new year. Approved in May of this year, construction is now underway on this large 77 foot by 150 foot lot.  The development includes the conservation of the 1913 heritage Vinson House; construction of a single level Garden Suite below; and two new cottages: The Garden Cottage at the front of the lot, and a Laneway Cottage at the rear.

The balance of the site is being designed like an Edwardian Garden, reminiscent of what it might have looked like when the house was first built.

Below are earlier artist's illustrations and photographs of a model which was recently completed and on display in our small presentation centre. Details of the project, including plans and specifications can be found on the website which is now live at 
For sales information, contact Elaine Biggan at or call 604 880 4559. 
early artist's illustration showing Vinson House and Garden Suite below; Garden Cottage in front and Laneway Cottage behind
photo of model showing similar view
Artist's illustration of view along the lane
Photo of model showing similar view
Artist's illustration showing view along Gordon Avenue
Photo of model showing similar view