Monday, June 6, 2016

Idyllic life on the island of Funen

One day we took a tour of Funen, which is often described as “the garden of Denmark”. The island has managed to escape most of Denmark’s wars and so many older buildings remain. Sadly we didn’t visit any of its major castles or manor houses since I accidentally missed the cut-off from the highway to this important one!
File photo of the castle we had planned to visit, but I inadvertently drove by the cut-off from the highway
but we did enjoy driving through the small towns and villages, especially along the coast and saw a lot of very old houses with thatched roofs and fields full of purple onions; well we think they're onions!
Our stops included Svendborg, a busy port where we met a delightful merchant who came out to chat, and wish us well on our way. 
I mention this since generally speaking, most of the people we met were very kind and generous with their time and advice. From Svendborg we headed south to the small islands of Tasinge and langeland. I was very taken with the spotless towns and occasional glimpses of purple fields. Rudkoping was a particularly delightful town where we stopped at the Neptune for an enjoyable lunch of …. You guessed it plaice and shrimps and some herring.

We returned through Nyborg but unfortunately did not really spend enough time to se the town or visit its famous castle. Next time we’ll take more time, and read our guidebook before visiting!

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