Saturday, April 16, 2016

Presentation to UBC Faculty Women's Club April 5, 2016

Not to be confused with the University Women's Club which owns Hycroft, the UBC Faculty Women's Club held its AGM at Cecil Green on the UBC campus
Until last fall, I didn't know there was a UBC Faculty Women's Club. However when I received an invitation to be the luncheon speaker at their 2016 AGM I could not say no. And I'm glad I didn't. While I had just got off the plane from Russia the evening before, it was a most invigorating and enlightening experience.

My topic was "So where are we going to live next? And where are our parents and children going to live? It was a version of a talk I have given before, to various groups on the North Shore, and elsewhere around the region. The theme is simple....there are many housing choices for those ready to downsize; but often they are not located where we want to be. There's a need for more housing choices in established neighbourhoods, including smaller houses, duplexes, row houses, and small apartments.

For our children, we need more affordable housing forms including stacked townhouses, lower level or 'basement' suites, and laneway houses that you can buy as well as rent.

For our parents, we need more neighbourhood apartments, and seniors' congregate, assisted living and care facilities.

I was pleased with the response as set out below:

Faculty Women's Club         
        6251 Cecil Green Park Road
         Vancouver, BC   V6T 1Z1

April 7, 2016

Mr. Michael Geller
Vancouver, BC

Dear Michael,

On behalf of UBC’s Faculty Women’s Club (FWC), allow me to thank you most sincerely for addressing our members last Tuesday. Your presentation was entertaining, perceptive, and informative. You identified common issues and concerns, as well as  providing options and strategies for decision making. Your slides provided comic relief to worrisome issues for many of us. You responded to  questions in a gentle and understanding manner. I was especially impressed that you volunteered to research a question and write a column on it for the Courier.

The FWC relies on the goodwill of speakers such as yourself to attract new members to the Club, thereby increasing our ability to fund-raise for scholarships for UBC students.  Your willingness to share your time, experience and expertise with us was indeed a gift. 

 Yours, sincerely, Mary Thompson Co-Program Director, UBC Faculty Women’s Club

By the way, the question I offered to research is whether there are creative ways for parents to transfer a property to their children, without having to pay property transfer taxes. (I know you can transfer cars, I recently gave Claire Geller my aging Prius without having to pay any sales or transfer taxes) but assumed that taxes are applicable if a parent gifts a property to a child. Something to think about.

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