Sunday, February 21, 2016

Russia: Images and Lessons in Planning SFU February 18, 2016

From the SFU Continuing Education Website: 

Over the past two years, Michael Geller has participated in a number of planning activities in Russia, including serving on the competition jury for Moscow's new International Financial Centre; speaking on heritage conservation and master planning in Saint Petersburg; and acting as jury chairman for a sustainable community planning competition in Kazan, Russia's 'third capital.'

This lecture will present images of old and new Russia, with a focus on urban development and housing. It will include a review of Russian planning practices and potential lessons from this fascinating country. Be prepared to be surprised by what you see and hear.

For those who missed the talk, it will soon be posted online. In the meanwhile, here are some of the images included in the talk:
While most of us think of this when we think of Russia, there is much more to the country
Midnight in Red Square is one of the most impressive sights in the world
the Summer Palace at St Petersburg is a testament to Russian technological and construction ingenuity. These fountains operate without any pumps.
There are more than a hundred museums in St Petersburg. The upside down house is not one of the best, but allows for intriguing photos
Some of the older housing in Russia and Ukraine helps explain the need for today's condominium bylaws.
Moscow in winter celebrates winter.
My pre-Olympics visit to Sochi was a highlight of my travels in Russia over the past few years
In 2007 Sally and I took a cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg which revealed many fascinating sights including these beautifully designed locks and vodka museum!
Both Moscow and St Petersburg have magnificent subway stations. In St Petersburg, some are more than 30 storeys below grade.
If you want to be the employee of the month for the St Petersburg metro system, you better not smile!
St Petersburg deals with its long nights by illuminating many buildings at night.

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