Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where to stay in London UK after a long flight:The London Paddington Hilton

Over the years I have stayed in a lot of London hotels, with mixed success. However, I had such a good experience at the London Paddington Hilton I decided to share it with anyone who, like me, may want a hotel that’s easy to reach after a long flight to London.

The reason this one is so good is that it is attached to Paddington Station which is the terminus for the Heathrow Express. Moreover, the hotel has a wonderful 1930s quality about it…the sort of place you would expect Hercule Poirot to be found in the lobby. That may be because it was built….
I found it particularly exciting to walk out of the lobby, day and night, directly into the busy train station.

It’s not cheap, (around $350 cdn) but then none of the London hotels are cheap, especially compared to most other cities around the world. But it was a great place to stay after a long flight. I will do it again!

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