Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Roussillon on Mont Rouge

When I first travelled to Europe I scorned those walking around  carrying travel guide books. After all, to really experience a place, you have to be there...not just read about it. Now that I'm older, I still slightly scorn those doing 12 cities in 10 days bus tours. However I no longer scorn guide books. Indeed, I depend on them, along with TripAdvisor and I mention this since it was Rick Steves, (yes I even bought a Rick Steves guide book for the very first time!) who wrote that Roussillon was at the top of the list of pretty Provence villages,

and he was right. It's quite a marvelous place since it has been a protected village since 1943.  Here is what I found

Exposed ochre cliffs can be seen from around the village

Following the war, the village was almost abandoned, until it was discovered by tourists...

I thought this was a very effective way to discourage people from parking illegally in handicap spaces!

a very creative garage door!
From the top a very impressive view...with many shades of green

But within the village, many shades of red, and red ochre, and pink

As we were leaving, who should show up?  Lilian Broca and David Goodman!

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