Monday, May 19, 2014

Le Grau du Roi

This place was not in either of our guidebooks so we knew we had to visit it...just like the time we went to Gary Indiana since it wasn't in any guidebooks.
However, whereas Gary was a very depressing sight, this was a treat....especially given the fishing boats and seaside restaurants where one could order a giant platter royale with a variety of raw and cooked seafoods....
Shortly after arriving I saw a sign advertising a one hour catamaran cruise which we boarded. It turned out to be better than expected since we visited a number of the ports, including some with very intriguing architecture.

We stayed at the hotel Splendid which overlooked the beach, and other than the challenge of getting in and out of the tight parking garage (fortunately our car has warning sensors for when you get too close to an object) it was just fine.
Before dinner I discovered one of the wine stores where you take your own bottles to refill. I didn't have a bottle, so they filled up some plastic containers for me, including a local Muscat that brought back memories of John Hull and 1965!.
On the advice of our hotel manager, we ate at Le Palangre, one of the waterfront restaurants and had a very good seafood platter...We passed on the lobster since it's so plentiful at home, but ate lots of things we don't get at home...including sea snails, and a lot of things I didn't recognize.
We walked back to the hotel past the glimmering waters. While this place will probably be humming in July and August it was quite deserted. The tourist information office could do with a fresh coat of paint. Hopefully it will get one before summer!

This was a very good stop, and the next morning we set off for Pezenas via Sete. (Another Chuck recommendation.)

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