Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adler, Sochi, Russia

One of my reasons for coming to Sochi was to see what the surrounding area was like. As I tried to book hotels I discovered that one of the towns within Sochi is Adler, (it's also where the airport is located) a name for which I have a special fondness since I am a Trustee of the Chicago-based Adler School of Professional Psychology-soon to become Adler University.
This Adler is a seafront city with a subtropical climate. It's a very pedestrian friendly resort town with wide sidewalks (and an unusual ribbed-paving pattern that I couldn't quite understand), 
lots of palm trees, and oftentimes garish and robust buildings which I find to be characteristic of many cities in Eastern Europe.  
I was particularly intrigued by this landscaped street parking arrangement which included strategically placed billboards. I had never seen anything quite like this before.
After exploring the town for a while, it was time for dinner. However, few restaurants had bilingual menus. 
Eventually I found an inviting and lively place with a large outdoor terrace. But I really chose Adriano Pizzeria because the menu had photos of all the dishes, and a large selection of vodkas.   
I subsequently enjoyed a variety of vodkas, (I stopped when they all started to taste the same), Russian beer, good food and Twitter on the free wireless internet. While a potenially dangerous combination, it was a good way to end a very good day!
In the taxi on my way back to the nearby Radisson I experienced the serious traffic congestion that plagues this area. I was told that Russians will be told not to drive their cars during the Olympics, in order to allow tourists to get around. (Sound familiar?).  If they do not obey, I am sure we will hear about some serious congestion problems since there really is only one road linking the Sochi communities.
Back in my hotel I watched a fascinating feature on the TV news about an Olympics-related initiative in Moscow. Transit ticket dispensers are now offering free tickets to those who perform 30 knee-bends.

Russia is getting ready for the Olympics!

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Kevin Key said...

Great travelogues, keep them coming. A mix of architecture, public spces and the culture that occupies them. Fabulous stuff, thanks.