Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Berlin Wall

We all remember the wall coming down in 1989; but if you are like me, you don't remember it going up.

The wall was constructed by the east, not to keep enemies out, but to keep East German residents in.  At the Story of Berlin exhibit there is some very touching footage of East and West Germans looking across the wall soon after it is built. I say looking...what I should say the West Germans were looking, while the East Germans were being turned away by armed guards.

Looking at the wall and reading about its construction and security arrangements, it is difficult to believe that thousands managed to escape by crossing it over the decades; but somehow they managed to. Looking at the wall, I couldn't help but think of the wall in Israel. One can only hope that like the Berlin Wall, that many thought would never come down, it too will come down one day soon.

When we first stepped into Potsdamer Platz, we saw a display with sections of the wall. During the next four days we saw constant reminders of the wall, including one section that remains. Here artists from around the world were invited to paint sections and today it is referred to as the East Side Gallery.  Here are a few pictures. More information and images to come if I find the time!

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