Friday, July 19, 2013

Residenz Museum

I would never have gone inside what appeared to be a very modest museum from the entry, except for the fact I had seen an interior photo in a guidebook. I subsequently learned the museum was the primary royal residence of the Wittelsbachs who ruled Bavaria up until 1918.
The palace, which was started in the 14th C was quite fantastic, as hopefully illustrated by these few photos.
One gallery featured family portraits dating back to the 11th C. Other areas included a large grotto with artwork created from shells and other strange materials; a room full of valuable pieces containing bones of religious figures and other relics; and marvelous porcelain collection. 
There even was another sculpture with a man cutting off a woman's head. This time it was Medusa, and the sculpture was interesting in that it didn't have a front and back, but rather could be viewed from various angles. 
I only visited a portion of the complex, but highly recommend it for a visit by anyone visiting Munich, especially if their primary purpose for going is not just to drink beer. (By the way, beer costs about 7 euros a litre, but during Oktoberfest, it increases to 9 euros and more. Few glasses hold less than half a litre!

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