Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beautiful Bamberg

To quote from our guide book: “With more than 2300 protected buildings ranging from the Romanesque to the baroque period, Bamberg has by far the largest and best-preserved Altstadt (Old Town) in Germany and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site…On its narrow cobble-stoned streets, lined with churches, palaces, and patrician mansions, you can survey an architectural legacy that spans some 1,000 years."

So after a disappointing trip to Weimar, the birthplace of Bauhaus, (since only a temporary exhibition was in place), we came to Bamberg. We didn’t stay long enough, but did have time to walk around and try their special dark smoked beer. Unfortunately, another specialty, carp, was out of season.

We would have seen more if I hadn’t insisted on hanging around the entrance of the Dom (grand cathedral) for much too long after the guard said 10, which I took to mean wait 10 minutes, but later learned he meant it would be open at 10 the next day!
As we headed back to the train station I came across this work of art, which seemed very familiar, since a similar, if not identical installation can be found on the Cardero Street-end Park which forms part of the Bayshore development! 

It is a pretty place as is hopefully evident from these photos.

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