Monday, July 9, 2012

From the Dundalk Newspaper

Whenever I travel, I always enjoy reading what's the latest news in the local paper.  But I was a bit surprised to read that a major issue in Dundalk, the town near the village where I am staying is...yes, bicycle lanes! It seems the Council has spent a lot of money reconfiguring streets to make cycling safer.  One of the approaches is to put a cycle lane between the sidewalk and parked cars...something I have seen elsewhere, especially in Sweden.  But after spending a lot of money, and creating some somewhat confusing street markings, many in the community are wondering whether this was not all a waste of money.
I should add that I now think that Vancouver could create safer lanes on many streets by simply re-striping and reducing the width of vehicle lanes...since our travel lanes are generally much wider than over here. Two other newspaper headlines that caught my interest.

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