Monday, July 16, 2012

Cruising down the Thames

If you are not planning a trip to London in the near future, or in case you plan to go but can't get through customs at Heathrow, here are some photos that I took last Friday morning during a cruise up and down the Thames. 

I always like to take a water cruise in any place I visit since it's a good way to see a town or city; especially one like London, which has some remarkable buildings and structures along the river, including many converted wharehouses and new condominium developments. 

I took these photos since I think some of the buidings are wonderful...but in the case of others, I could not help but think "what were they thinking". If you have the inclination, please share your thoughts as to which ones you think are good, very good, or awful.

Any Londoner will know these pictures are in no particular order, and yes, that triangular pointy thing is the Shard, the newest and tallest building in Europe.


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