Monday, May 21, 2012

Seoul's Subway

At a time when Vancouver debates whether to fund additional public transit, I couldn't help but marvel at Seoul's extensive system of subways, buses and trains. Sure it's a much larger city, but the  public transporation is superb, starting with the vending machines and use of smart cards (and yes turnstiles) that are all explained in English.  
The train platforms are protected like they are in Singapore and other cities with glass walls which feature advertising; and inside the trains are excellent graphics and easy to understand notification of upcoming stations with yes...more advertising.

Whether people read the advertising is another matter since most travellers seem very absorbed with their Samsung Galaxies and I-Phones and other hand-held devices.

One thing that did surprise me was this case of gas masks.. Mmmmm
With nine lines I worried that I would not understand the system, but after a day I found myself getting to where I wanted to go, for a fare of about $1 a trip, regardless of distance. Mmmm!

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