Sunday, May 27, 2012

EXPO 2012 Yeosu at Night

I arrived at the fair around 6:30 pm and as the sky darkened, the fairgrounds really started to come alive.  The lighting was very impressive especially as viewed from the top of the Sky Tower's viewing platform. I must confess at first I thought this viewing tower was a bit clumsy looking; it was not until the next morning when I started to read some briefing material that I discovered that it was built out of two abandoned concrete silos!
While the site has many highlights, I was particularly impressed with the Digital Gallery comprising a 218 metre LED screen above the central concourse. More about it later.
While many of the buildings are a bit dull by day, they are quite impressive at nightime. Lotte is a major Korean conglomerate that includes everything from TV shopping networks to real estate development. Speaking of networks, I assumed the building below was covered in netting to tie in with the fishing industry. But's symbolic of network! It's the pavilion of one of the country's foremost IT providers. And yes, apparently they use the word network in Korean too.


Namyoung Eva Kim said...
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Namyoung Eva Kim said...

In the writing,'simbolic of the network' part is very fun. Those buildings covered with netting might have been related to 'fishing industry'hahaha(can't stop laughing) Very creative view! I didn't even think about it that way. By the way, Yes we do have word 'network'from English, so we pronounce it exactly in the same sound as English one.->네트워크(in Korean)