Saturday, January 7, 2012

So what's wrong with a white picket the Olympic Village!!!

I know....I know...many of us want a house with a white picket fence...but at the Olympic Village?

Last night former Vancouver City Planner and urbanist Frank Ducote shared this wonderful photo that he took of one Olympic Village resident's effort to turn his house into a home.

Should it stay or should it go? Can't wait to see what the City decides!


Anonymous said...

I love it. Now the owner can find his way home to the right door on a Saturday night after an evening at the pub.

Anonymous said...

From Frank Ducote:

It struck me in the same way as the story about Madame le Corbusier putting a gigantic tea cozy on the new porcelain bidet her husband installed in their bedroom. Not everyone enjoys stark modernity to the same extent!

Matt Collinge said...

Love this! I'll have to go by and check it out.

miro said...

Should it not be painted green? I love the personal play on the architecture.

Evil Eye said...

What's wrong with a picket fence?

What really struck me is how dingy the place looks.

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