Monday, July 4, 2011

It's not just the buildings that are are some of the foods!

One of the great delights in Spain is the food....some of the things we know about...paella, various hams,wonderful seafood, etc. However, there are a lot of things we don't always expect to go anchovies and coke! I really like anchovies, and as you can see from these photos, I ate a lot of them, prepared in various ways...but for some reason, I just couldn't imagine washing them down with coke!There are also many things that we see in the market, and on our plates in restaurants that are completely....well if you'll pardon the pun....foreign! Here are some of the things we ate, or thought about eating during our stay in Spain..

Can you tell which are the flamenco eggs? the musaka?

One last thing...we discovered something here we had never seen before.. in some restaurants, including one where we ate on our last night that was founded in the 17th century....they keep track of your bill by writing the prices on the counter with chalk...if you look carefully you'll see the price of my aged manchego cheese with what looked like seville marmalade, but which tasted quite differently!

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