Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Bullshit!

In Javea, where we are staying for a few weeks, one of the summer festivals involves the running of the bulls. While this is something I have watched on TV, I never experienced the exhilaration of standing in front of a charging bull until Friday night when we happened to come upon a street lined with unusual barricades. We followed them to a large dirt area along a main street in the historic city centre where a large crowd had gathered. Everyone was drinking cheap beer and I soon had a couple in an effort to join in.

After a few minutes I decided to enter into the ‘bull ring’ to see what was happening. As I stood there taking photos of the crowd, I suddenly realized there was a large bull charging about. Not sure whether to try and get a good photo or take cover, I almost waited a little bit too long…and suddenly found myself running for cover as my wife looked on with a mixture of disgust and horror.

A few days later I returned to show Maxine and the Townsends, visitors from UK what we had discovered, only to find there were lots of bulls running around the enclosure. This time I kept my distance.

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