Friday, June 3, 2011

Hollyburn Mews Public Hearing to Resume Monday June 9th at 7pm

Hey. Isn't there a hockey game on Monday night? Yes there is, which is why I am a bit concerned that the opponents to Hollyburn Mews may outnumber the supporters when the Public Hearing resumes Monday night. But hopefully, Council appreciates by now that while there is a very organized and vocal opposition, primarily due to the potential 'precedent' this proposal may create, there is also very significant broad community support for this project.
The fact is, as the population ages, as one participant in the Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing so correctly pointed out, "the community has to change to stay the same"!

Moreover, Council is in a position to address the primary neighbourhood objection; namely this project will lead to a rash of undesirable rezonings in single family neighbourhoods elsewhere in the District. While saying yes to this modest proposal, it can say no to future OCP amendments until the community has the opportunity to evaluate whether this is an appropriate approach to 'gentle densification'. As an aside, this proposal, if approved, would add about 4,800 square feet of density...that's right...about the size of one of the newer West Vancouver single family houses.

In other words, if approved, this proposal will allow staff, Council and the community to evaluate an 'on the ground' demonstration, and then determine whether similar future projects should proceed.

But only Council can determine when and where.

One of the issues that resulted in the adjournment of the Public Hearing was uncertaintly over the appropriate amount of the Community Amenity Contribution. Over the past year, three different letters of opinion have been prepared by the appraiser, each for a different amount. Hopefully the latest staff report will clarify the situation.

The fact is, I have agreed to pay a CAC and DCC totalling approximately $171,000 for approximately 4,800 square feet of addtional area. This equates to $36 per square foot, which as most people involved in planning and development know is a very generous contribution.....especially since given the recent rise in single family lot prices, the value of the lots today may well be higher than the value after rezoning (assuming the rezoning is approved).

Details of the proposal can be found on the West Vancouver website at Esquimalt Avenue Infill Proposal. If you agree this is a worthwhile proposal that should be approved, please write to the and share your thoughts.

Or, if you suspect Boston is going to win on Monday night, and you don't want to watch it happen, come to the Public Hearing at West Vancouver Council, starting at 7pm and avoid the disappointment. Some of us will be going to watch the first two periods in the nearby Recreation Centre...After the Council meeting we'll go to the pub, regardless of the outcome!

For more details, always feel free to contact me at Thanks for your interest in Hollyburn Mews.

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