Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Chuck Davis Day!

At 2 pm today, in the Vancouver City Hall Council Chamber, Mayor Gregor Robertson will proclaim this day as Chuck Davis Day, in honour of the former broadcaster, journalist, and author's great contribution to the history of this city and region. I shared this information with Chuck, and also posted it on Facebook where I received some comments I wanted to share:

Brock wrote:
"Chuck was one of reasons I became a journalist. He deserves this day to be
enshrined annually. Good call."

Judy wrote:
"For anyone who suffered through Grade 10 Canadian history (how did they
manage to make it so dull!?), Chuck's look at the pioneers, builders and
scoundrels of yesteryear (and today) made me love this place even more. I
would like to see an annual day turned into a "teachable day', where vast
tracts of Chuck's absorbing work becomes required reading from K-12. It
would give us all an even greater appreciation for this place we call home.
Oddly, we don't have a Vancouver Day celebration. Using Chuck's material
would bring such a day, alive."

Here's my note to Chuck:

Chuck, I was delighted to learn that October 5 will be Chuck Davis Day in
Vancouver, and hope this will help raise awareness to collect the money
necessary to finish your opus. I am very grateful to Jeff Lee and Michael
Klassen who have both written beautifully about your contributions to our

I do have two regrets:

1. I gather you may not be able to get to the Council Chamber for the Proclamation, and

2. If the Mayor could have waited until October 6, the event would have coincided with my birthdate which you recorded in your latest 'book'....Oct 6, 1947! (http://www.vancouverhistory.ca/chronology1947.htm)

I do hope you are feeling as well as can be expected. with my best

Here's Chuck's response

Michael: this was the first notification I've had about what's going to
happen tomorrow! I knew there was going to be a proclamation, but I had no
idea a day would be named after me!

How about if we celebrate your 63rd birthday by calling it The Day After
Chuck Davis Day?

Thanks for your kind wishes!


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