Sunday, October 24, 2010

How you can help finish Chuck Davis' 'Book' on the History of Metro Vancouver

orAs I noted in a previous post, Chuck Davis has an inoperable cancer and is trying to make arrangements to ensure that his current work, The History of Metropolitan Vancouver can be completed. He wants to commit his remaining days to this work, and ensure that arrangements are made to complete it after his death. A small group of people wanted to organize a Fundraising Evening to support these efforts, but Chuck is reluctant to participate....he's a very modest and shy man. However, even without a "Fundraiser" we can help in other ways.

The History of Metropolitan Vancouver is organized one year to a chapter (or one chapter to a year), and they are sponsorable: $2,000, which can be paid in three annual installments ($700, $700 and $600) or all at once. The complete list of sponsors and years is at

Why not sponsor the year you were born. Or the year your father or mother was born or died. Do it on your own, or with other friends or family members.

As for contributions to help finish the book, any money collected goes to lawyer Christine Elliott, who is holding it in trust. Any cheque should be made out to Christine Elliott Trust Account, and, on the re: line, enter: Chuck Davis Vancouver History Project. Christine Elliott offered her services on a pro-bono basis, after hearing Chuck share his unfortunate predicament at a salon evening organized by Sam Sullivan.

Ms. Elliott’s address is: Christine Elliott Solicitor Suite No. 102-280 Nelson Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2E2

The money held in trust is for the completion of the book. The sponsorship money is separate, and goes to Chuck Davis directly. And, it will be most welcome.

One possible future expense for Chuck is a chair to carry him up and down to the bedroom/bathroom, etc. He's having to climb the stairs by himself these days, and he tells me it sets him puffing for five minutes. The cost is $3,700.

After all Chuck has done for the city, I would like to think we can help him with some sponsorship money and other donations to help complete this most important work, and make his remaining time with us as comfortable as possible.


KeyPlan said...

I believe CMHC still has a program with a forgiveable loan (max $15k) for a disabled homeowner to install a lift.

Ericegyu said...

I believe CMHC still has a program with a forgiveable loan (max $15k) for a disabled homeowner to install a lift.