Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium!

We have arrived in Zomergem, and here's our new home for the next 3 weeks. The house is of indeterminate age and size! It goes on forever, as does the magnificent garden with ponds, a fountain, stables.... We have two turtles to feed, one vegetarian, one carnivorous, some chickens, a cat, and perhaps a few others who I haven't yet met. We are looking forward to an adventure.

Lut, Geert and Thomas have gone to considerable effort to help us enjoy thier home that has three separate heating systems, three different water sources and a great variety of spaces. It is right out of a movie!The town is quite unlike anything I have ever seen. It is immaculate, with a mixture of old and new. The new homes are primarily built from block and stone with concrete and steel structures. There is an extensive use of pavers, lovely flower arrangements, and a considerable amount of effort is devoted to trimming hedges. Even the elementary school has a manicured hedge.

So we're off to explore Ghent, which is 14 km away...tomorrow we'll be in Bruges...with Brussels, Antwerp, Louvain and other towns and cities to follow.

This really is a wonderful way to travel.


westygrrl said...

Hello Michael,
Enjoy your holidays in Belgium! We were there for 2 weeks, based in the beautiful city of Bruges. If you need some tips on that city, let me know!
Bonnes vacances and see you in September,
Claudia Laroye

TomasW said...

Hello Sally & Michael,
Welcome in Belgium.
Thanks for your enchanted comments on out little town.
Your temporary neighbours,
Sigrid, Martine and Tomas