Monday, August 10, 2009

Community of Interest

I recently discovered a new 'newspaper' to read each day. Like many of you, I no longer have home delivery, but prefer to read the Vancouver Sun and other papers on-line. While searching around the VS site last week, I came upon the 'Community of Interest', a new collection of bloggers writing about different aspects of life in our city. It is very interesting.

Today I read about the removal of city benches, new funding proposals for Translink, and how to support and finance new immigrants to our city. I became so enthralled with the 'Community of Interest' bloggers, I have not yet made it back to the main pages of the Sun...but then, I already know that Tiger Woods won his golf tournament on Sunday.

One of the stories, Kennedy Stewart's piece on the removal of benches reminded me of an excellent book I read last year Here Comes Everybody, by Clay Shirky While the sub heading is 'the power of organizing without organizations', it is really about how technology is changing how we communicate and take actions. It is a very good read, and I highly recommend it, especially to those of you who are not yet 'Wickipedia' regulars, or signed up on Facebook!

To learn more about 'Community of Interest', go to

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